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Forex Stocks

Our CFD trading system allows you to buy and sell shares of large corporations, listed on the world's leading exchanges. Shares from the New York NYSE and NASDAQ, from the London Stock Exchange are available to our customers without commission or restrictions required for traditional asset trading.
  • Use leverage of up to 500: 1 for your transactions
  • All major exchanges: NYSE, NASDAQ, FTSE and others
  • Trade stocks, stock indices and commodities from one screen;
  • Contact support - we speak your language;
  • Make deals under the auspices of an international regulated broker.
  • Get access to educational resources.
  • Use various trading platforms.

Buy shares of the best global companies

Trade stocks of reputable companies in leading markets. Profit even with the smallest course changes. Margin trading CFDs allows traders to quickly increase profits. Expecting a drop in the value of stocks, traders can open short positions. LioTrade provides credit leverage up to 500: 1, so to start trading it is enough to have only 5% of the market value of shares. LioTrade offers over 100 different stocks, including:
  • Apple
  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Coca-cola
  • Groupon
  • Barclays
  • Facebook

Trading CFDs on Share Value

Stock CFDs have gained widespread popularity in recent years. When concluding a CFD transaction, you do not buy the shares themselves, but rather agree on a contract with a broker and specify the difference between the input and output value of the stock. LioTrade provides you with freedom of trade unattainable on the stock exchange. Price difference contracts let you easily not only buy, but also sell stocks, thereby benefiting from falling asset prices. CFDs have a big advantage. Since you are not making a physical purchase of shares, you leverage up to 500: 1 is available. Thanks to leverage, you can make a big deal with a modest investment of own funds. Leverage trading brings significant profits, however, it is fraught with noticeable losses. However, you cannot lose more than a modest investment.