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Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to frequently asked questions.
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What is the minimum deposit in the company?

The minimum technical deposit in the company is $ 10. The minimum recommended deposit is at least $ 100. Remember - the larger the deposit, the lower the risk of its loss.

Is there a commission for withdrawing and replenishing an account?

The company fully compensates the commission for replenishing the trading account and conclusion from it. Commission, in rare cases, may be assigned to the client only when replenishing or withdrawing using cryptocurrency.

Can I replenish my account in various ways, and what restrictions on withdrawal may occur?

Account replenishment is possible only in verified ways. Upon withdrawal funds must include wallets, bank card numbers or bank accounts, the same person who was verified.

What should I do if funds were debited when replenishing a trading account, but I didn’t receive it?

You need to contact the financial department at the mail address Provide a document (photo, screen) of a payment order for transferring funds. Next, the company will hold an investigation into the whereabouts of your funds. Also to speed up the search in parallel You can contact your bank or payment system to clarify the transfer of funds. In case of replenishment of the trading account with cryptocurrency, the delay in payment may be due to blockchin network congestion.

Do I need to provide documents to get started?

According to the international AML policy, after registering with the Company, before replenishing the trading account, the trader needs to verify his personal account. This is done by uploading to your personal cabinet scan of the main page of the passport, scan of the registration page (if provided by your place of residence), as well as a scan of the main page of the map. In some cases, additional documents may be requested. After checking all the documents, you will receive a notification on the verification of your account and you can start trading.

Does your company provide training?

Our company is interested in the successful trading of our customers, so we advise all customers with a real account from 10 dollars. We value your time and money, therefore a full-fledged course from practicing traders You can get by replenishing your account from 1000 dollars. In this case, you absolutely do not have to immediately start trading. Trade on a live account after completing the training.

How is each trading system created and tested?

We carefully study historical data on asset returns and strategies for working with them. Based on this data we create trading systems that are then carefully selected. The most efficient systems are selected and tested on real trading accounts for at least three months. Only in case of confirmed profitability, we offer this service.

Why is there a minimum allowable deposit in trading systems?

The portfolio of any trading system includes volatile instruments that are the basis of earnings, but they can give a drawdown in the trading process. For the system to show total profitability, it is necessary work according to the rules of money management. These rules determine the size of the minimum allowable deposit.

How to use trading systems?

You can connect the trading system at any time if you have a trading account in Companies with a sufficient deposit.

Is it worth trading on a demo account?

Yes, in order to get sufficient confidence at the where-to-click level. But as soon as you understand how the trading terminal works, how to set pending warrant and how to make purchase and sale transactions - drop a demo account, go to open a real account and learn to earn with minimal volumes (from 0.01 lot).