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CFDs - the best solution for trading Forex commodities

 Raw materials have always been valued above currency and stocks in the sense that without agricultural products, oil, coal, metal and gas the existence of our civilization is simply impossible. In addition, such exchange assets are more predictable, since all production and sale data are publicly available. Therefore, there is currently an active commodity trading on world exchanges, which in most cases are carried out using futures contracts. To start buying and selling the same oil, it’s enough to master the trading methods using the popular derivatives - CFD price difference contracts. Such transactions have the following indisputable advantages:
  • lack of formalities related to the official acquisition of an asset, which in this case does not need to be bought;
  • high efficiency of the transaction;
  • the ability to work with large lots without a large deposit
Using CFD transactions, you do not buy oil or gas, but play on the price difference, concluding an agreement on increase or decrease in the value of a particular asset in a specified period of time.

How to trade raw materials on LioTrade

Our platform offers you access to global commodity markets with real-time channels with fundamentally new trading opportunities. At your disposal will be provided brokerage platforms and workers. next-generation applications that increase the chance of successful transactions. We will offer you the following benefits and opportunities:
  • effective customer support 24/5, allowing you to resolve any issues live;
  • competitive spreads;
  • trading all types of commodity assets on the platform
  • tools for automated trading, including advisers and functionalities for copying Zulutrade and Duplitrade data
  • leverage up to size 500: 1
We will offer you an impressive set of tools and capabilities that allow you to successfully trade in carbon, metals and agricultural products.

Features of commodity exchange trading

Assets of this category are divided into the following two groups:
  • Solid raw materials - metals and energy;
  • Soft goods - agricultural products, linen, cotton, etc.
Quotations of the listed items depend on the following factors:
  • weather and crop forecasts;
  • data on increase / decrease in production;
  • introduction of innovative technologies, machinery and equipment;
  • increased demand for a specific asset in large countries;
  • exchange rate changes
Some commodities are tightly linked to the national currencies of different countries. For example, the Canadian dollar is directly tied to the price of a barrel of oil, since this the state is the largest exporter of this energy carrier. Knowledge of such little-known facts significantly increases the accuracy of forecasting course behavior.

Benefits of commodity trading

The more diverse your investment portfolio, the lower the risk of serious loss. Buying values that are fundamentally different in terms of specificity increases the general diversification of your investments. Work with commodities forms the following prospects:
  • investing in highly liquid assets, the value of which increases during inflation;
  • making high profits on CFDs with large margins, accompanied by no less high risks;
  • the ability to successfully use both short and long positions;
  • convenient trading directly from home using intuitive exchange tools
The LioTrade platform is a wide range of opportunities for productive work on the world's leading commodity exchanges!